Supply chain resilience and BCM

By |2023-10-19T12:58:56+01:00 7 July, 2023|Business Continuity, Resilience|

In today's global marketplace, the traditional linear view of supply chains as sequential processes is no longer sufficient. Modern supply chains are complex and interconnected, resembling intricate webs where disturbances in one area can have far-reaching consequences that ripple throughout the entire system. Events like the suez canal, the war in Ukraine, shortage of chips, even drought in some places and of course COVID-19, have exposed the ease with which disruptions occur and the limited understanding many organisations possess regarding their dependencies.   The complexity of supply chains Companies now face critical questions: How to manage this system of suppliers, which might on top of its complexity, might be fast changing with unkonwns at certain sections? How to continue to deliver a service and stay operational whilst a supplier experiences a disruption?   Moving beyond supply chain management Most companies view supply chain management as a separate discipline, standing [...]