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Fernao Business Resilience. Our new name

Protereon has been part of the Fernao Group since 2022. Now, we are changing our name to strengthen our connection and integrate our business continuity, crisis management, and cyber security services into the Fernao portfolio.

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Ransomware. We can help you prepare and react

Ransomware encrypts important data and systems and makes them unavailable unless a ransom is paid.

These attacks are often targeted, but can also randomly hit companies that have weak cyber defenses.

We can help prepare for ransomware attacks, by improving processes, ensuring systems are appropriately backed up and set up robust processes to mitigate the impacts of any attacks that occur.

If you are affected by a ransomware attack right now or in future, we have strong partners in our group who provide forensics, technical solutions, and crisis management / communications expertise. Together, we can help deal with a ransomware attack as and when it hits.

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Our services

Resilience / business continuity

Things can and will go wrong. Maintaining business continuity and building resilience is crucial to ensuring your organisation can keep functioning in a crisis and respond swiftly and effectively to unexpected events. We provide expert consultancy on various aspects of business continuity management and resilience, encompassing:

  • Conducting a business impact analysis to establish the criticality of processes and services,
  • Building business continuity management systems (ISO 22301),
  • Conducting risk assessments,
  • Creating emergency- and business continuity manuals and procedures,
  • Assessing the maturity of your business continuity organization,
  • Assessing the resilience of your suppliers and supply chain.

Crisis response

If your company faces an acute crisis, our team of experts specializes in providing crucial support during these critical moments. We understand that a swift and well-structured response is paramount. We work closely with organizations to shape their response, ensuring compliance with obligations, devising an effective communication strategy and press releases (both internal and external), managing suppliers, and coordinating seamless actions. Whether facing cyber threats, natural disasters, or any other crisis, we equip your business with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the storm.

Count on us to help streamline your crisis response, bolstering resilience and fortifying your organization to emerge stronger and more prepared for any future challenges.

Cyber security

Cyber attacks, data loss, insider threats, ransomware, malware – there are a large number of threats you are facing every day. To stay ahead, you will need to develop a flexible, effective, secure and proportionate security posture.
We can assist in protecting your data, systems and processes by, for example,

  • conducting cyber security risk assessments to assess your current state,
  • implementing a cyber security and cyber security risk management strategy to ensure you can efficiently prioritise your security controls,
  • developing policies and procedures that protect and support your business, and
  • training your staff.
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