Data Protection and GDPR

For many companies, the trust of clients, employees and partners is an important asset. Ensuring their personal data data is collected and processed securely and in compliance with relevant legislation is crucial in maintaining and building on that trust. Data breaches or other data protection related incidents can significantly disrupt an organisation, jeopardise reputation and lead to a significant loss of revenue – not to speak of fines and other regulatory consequences.
Good, transparent data protection arrangements, on the other hand, can set an organisation apart from competitors, increase trust of clients, employees and partners and enable new products, services and open new markets.

What we do

With over 10 years experience in data protection, we can help you assess and improve your data protection arrangements, and ensure you meet your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and the Privacy and E-Commerce Regulations (PECR).

To build a compliant, trustworthy business. To reassure your clients, shareholders, employees and partners.

To let you focus on what you do best: Making your business thrive.

We will help you meet your data protection / GDPR / DPA / PECR obligations in three steps:

  1. Gap Analysis
    We will assess your organisation’s data protection arrangements and compare them to the obligations in the GDPR, DPA and PECR. We will identify any gaps and provide you with a clear, concise report setting out our findings and any actions required to address the gaps.
  2. Implementation
    Working with you, we will implement the required changes in a way that works for your organisation. We can also train your staff and ensure everyone is on the same page on data protection. If desired, we can also prepare you for ISO 27701 (the international standard for data protection management) certification.
  3. Review and Audit
    After your implementation, we can review your arrangements to ensure all gaps have been addressed appropriately. We can also periodically review your arrangements and make sure your compliance is up-to-date and keeps pace with potentially changing or new requirements.

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