About us

Our mission is to embed resilience and compliance in organisations so they can focus on what they do best and thrive.

Most organisations are extremely good at what they do – be it providing services, products or otherwise making the world a better place.

Many, however, are distracted by having to manage changing environments, unforeseen events and a host of compliance requirements – legal, contractual, industry standards and social norms (does anyone still use plastic straws?)  are all vying for attention and need to be managed and implemented.

Our goal is to make this easy. Building a simple but effective compliance management, independent of tooling or other constraints will help not just with compliance today, but with ensuring compliance becomes part of the organisation’s DNA – and one less thing to worry about. And if things do go wrong (and as long as we humans are involved they invariably will) we will have made sure your key processes are as resilient as they can be and you have a sound crisis management to help you through the hard times.

Our consultants have a wide range of experience outside of compliance management with backgrounds in IT security, disaster management, risk management, business process improvement, the military and more. We will help you achieve your goals and find pragmatic solutions that balance compliance requirements and the needs of your business.

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Fernao Business Resilience Ltd 
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